The Best Car Polish For Black Cars

If you own a black car, they can show up dirt and finger marks more so than any other car colour out there today. They need that special touch to keep them gleaming and protected and we often get asked “what is the best car polish for my black car?” so we can help you with that one. If you get your product right, you can bring black cars looking like new again – simply stunning results.

x1 shine and seal paint protectionFirstly let’s get one things straight – car polishes usually have a slight abrasive in them that takes away a miniscule amount of your paintwork whenever you use them  – this is like removing the dead skin. Car waxes do not contain that abrasive and are used for protection only and used to increase shine but you should be aware that these waxes do melt so it will not last forever on your cars paintwork.

So what is the best car polish to use on black cars that is long lasting and makes them look fabulous?

Well, the truth is the best car polish to use on black cars that will seal, protect and shine all in one hit. Because it is so very easy to see swirl marks on black cars, a polish that removes the swirling effect is the best hence a polish with a very slight amount of abrasive in as this can really reduce this swirling effect that you see all the time.

Also, a great shine shows up so much more easily on a black car than any other colour of car so you are doing yourself an injustice if you do not use the best car polish out there.

In our experience, polishes with a high PTFE content are simply superb at bringing up black cars to a showroom sheen finish and they protect as well as they tend to have the 2 properties that you are looking for:

1. A protectant and sealant that lasts an incredibly long time
2. A polisher that gives the shine

3. As you can liken PTFE to Teflon, your black car will be so much more easier to clean after using as it is very similar to what you use on frying pans –  that non stick stuff, so dirt and grime just don’t stick so much. It’s so much easier to clean after using.

X1 Shine and Seal

X1 shine and seal car polish and paint protectionOne such polish is X1 Shine and Seal – a new product out in 2012 that has incredible properties of achieving the protection and shine all in one hit and it is simply superb on black cars. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

You also need to consider if you are going to polish by hand or with an orbital polisher. To get the ultimate finish I would always polish by hand and take your time – often leave the machines to the garages that are using them day in and day out and know what they are doing with them and how to use them.

You will need to thoroughly wash your car before using and ensure the surface is pristine clean. Two reasons for this – 1) X1 Shine and Seal contains some sealant so you do not want to seal in any dirt,  2) You do not want to introduce any scratch marks as you will be applying this product with a microfibre and in a swirling pattern motion. We highly recommend using  X1 Wash & Gloss prior to using X1 Shine and Seal – a neutral based pH deep cleaning shampoo that cleans deep and removed other products swiftly before applying the X1 Shine and Seal.


This is a great product (with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee) that really works with and compliments X1 Shine and Seal is X1 Wash & Gloss. This is a car wash that is an innovative breed from the UK and America and is a bright pink and a lovely product to work with and a 500 ml bottle goes a long way.

After you have washed your black car thoroughly with X1 Wash & Gloss, let it dry and then think about applying your car polish. Take you time and work with a clean microfiber cloth and work in sections over your black car.  You want to make sure that you buffer up each section of your car to a  showroom shine  before you move onto the next section of your car.

We cannot recommend X1 Shine and Seal as the best car polish out there today as it has some extra special ingredients including PTFE (12%). We have had raving testimonials about this products and you can see them all right HERE

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