What Really Is The Best Car Polish For a Top Sports Car

My friend recently bought a top Ferrari sports car and he wanted to invest a bit of time working out what the best car polish could be to make his pride and joy gleam in all weathers – to really show off his huge investment.

Firstly, he got totally confused, as he did not understand that polishing and waxing are two completely different things as it is so easy to confuse them.

He soon realised that you need to polish first and wax second but he had heard of some car care products out there today that eliminate the need for waxing completely and so he set out to find the best car polish he could to give him that ultimate shine without having to wax his car at all..

Well he was in for a surprise. The first thing he did was to go into his local car suppliers where there is a whole stack of car polishes on the shelves, all claiming to be the best polish.

So his job was to try and route out, with no knowledge at all, the best car polish on the shelf. Well, he had no idea what to go on, so he simply opted for the car polish that looked the prettiest, had a well known name and was not the cheapest. Let’s face it, I bet that is the way that most car owners choose their polishes today – it is  a bit like washing powder – most people do not have a clue what make the best washing powder let alone the best car polish.

So, back to the story. He buys what he thinks is the best car polish home, duly washes his car with a microfibre and a hose – he was clever enough to know that he should not ruin his new investment with a sponge as he knew this will lead to minor scratches – that would be sacrilege on his new toy.

After drying off with  a chamois leather, he then set to work with his bought polish. He spent time and effort applying the polish in sections and then rubbing with a microfiber to get a good shine. He then afterwards stood back and admired his car – but something inside expected more – it did not jump out of him and scream “look at me, I am so shiny” so he decided then to seek out some advice from professionals to really get the look he wanted for his new car.

After quite a bit of research, he came across a polish that claimed to do it all – protect the paintwork for an extremely long time (up to 1 year with one application and if he went for the 2 stage process it can protect up to 3 years). It also claimed to give a metallic mirror like finish that could simply not be rivaled so he decided to give it a go.

All he knew is that is contained a high percentage of nano technology in the form a high percentage of PTFE content and the fact that it had such a high percentage of PTFE meant that its protective qualities outbeat all the other car polishes in the market today which led him to believe he could have found one of the best car polishes on the market today.

So he gave it a go!

Well the results were totally different and now he did look back and stare at his showroom shone black sleeky car in awe. In fact, when he pulled up anywhere when he was out and about, he was often asked what he used to get his car looking so shiny and glossy.

So when you are looking for the best car polish that eliminates the need for any waxing, check out the PTFE content.