The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Using The Best Car Polish To Make Your Car Glean

Before any of us go to get our cars all gleaming and shiny by applying the best car polish or best car wax out there on the market, we naturally give our cars a quick scrub down first..

So what do we use to give the car a quick wash down – yes it is usually a manky old sponge but you could be doing your car an injustice! It is like using a brillo pad to clean your face.

If you are going to get yourself clued up and look after your car properly, it is obvious we need to use the best car polish but it is not always obvious what we should be applying our car care products with and big coarse sponges  are usually a no no..

After detailing cars for years now, I stopped using sponges when I noticed big swirl marks appearing in the paintwork. What was really happening when we get down to the root cause, is that even though I used the best car polish on the paintwork after the wash, I had actually dragged particles of dirt across the paintwork before hand during the wash and over time, it did not matter how good the damned polish was that I used, those swirl marks were there to stay!

So what on earth do we use you must be thinking – well I am just about to tell you the honest answer. Wish mitts or microfiber cloths are great at cleaning car paintwork in the washing stage because as they are swept over the cars surface,  they can  pick up the dirt particles within their long fibres, drawing and keeping them away from the surface of your car paintwork and preventing them from causing the swirls you see on so many other vehicles.

These wish mitts or microfiber cloths are usually made up of pure wool fibres and a dream to use and a dream to wash out again – all the particles caught deep within their fibres are easy to wash out to use again.

So ditch the sponge, and when you plan on giving your car a good polish with the best car polish on the market, make sure you wash beforehand with a wish mitt or a microfiber cloth.