How To Polish a Car When You Are In a Hurry

Quite often, we are so busy in the week and it comes to the weekend and you think “I am going to see my poshest aunt and I cant turn up with my car looking that” – you may have been in storms and 4 wheeling across muddy fields that week so you are left with no choice but to wash and polish your car when you are in a hurry so this article is going to take you through how to polish a car when you are in a hurry.

First of all make sure you have a good breakfast as you are in for some exercise….

First get the kids to fill you up a bucket of water while you put your old clothes on. Use a super dooper car wash such as X1 Wash & Gloss and put in about 100 ml (that will be one fifth of the bottle on the 500 ml bottle). Use  a big sponge that should be lying about in your garage, take a deep breath and get to work. Scrub the whole car over and watch all that dirt and grime just float away down the drain.

Cheap car washes are not ideal to use to wash your car when you are in a hurry. They do not literally peel the dirt off and you will be there scrubbing at your paintwork for hours on end – ever used a cheap floor cleaner or a cheap washing powder? I think you know what I mean!!

Ok so all the muck is off it now so it is time to rinse off and relax for a few minutes while you take a sneaky coffee break – you have to  wait for the paintwork to dry, don’t you?

Now, put all forces into play and dive into your car polish (hopefully X1 Shine & Seal – the best car polish in the world we like to think) but whatever one you have, make sure it is top notch.

Get your microfibre cloth and work on one section of your car at a time with almighty vigor. If I was you, I would start with the bonnet – I think it is great to get the bonnet gleaming first.

Apply the car polish liberally but not too liberally otherwise there will be none left by the time you get round to polishing the back of your car. Don’t let the polish dry on the car paintwork – keep it on a a few seconds and literally take off with the microfibe cloth making sure you give it a good rotational swirling motion to buffer up.

That’s as hard and as fast as you can and the way to motivate yourself is to imagine how you will feel when you are finished. Imagine you are staring at a transformation of a car and you are stepping back proudly saying “wow!” Also promise your self that well deserved chocolate bar or pint of beer but you are not allowed to have it until you have completely finished.

If your car alloys are all mucked up too, you have a longer job on your hand so the treats will have to wait a little longer. If the inside is a mess too, get the kids to help…It is probably them who messed the inside anyway..
The other way easier option is to take your car to the car wash down at the garage but we all know that this is a substandard way to polish your car, even if you are in a hurry.