Protecting Your Car With The Best Car Polish

It is surprising these days how many car owners are looking to protect the look and feel of their cars. Many car owners buy newish cars and it makes perfect sense that they buy them and pay for them on a monthly repayment scheme . For starters, you can buy into a new car that carries little risk as the first MOT is not even up for the first 3 years and these days, the monthly repayment schemes are not too extortionate at all.

In this case, it pays to protect your new vehicle as you are retaining its value. If you have invested heavily in a car or are repaying a monthly loan, you just have to protect your asset.

So, many car owners are seeking out the very best products to keep their cars looking new and protecting them against all the elements. This applies to both inside and outside the vehicle but this article is focusing purely on protecting just the outside and exterior of the car.

Sometimes, washing and waxing simply is not the answer to help protect and make your car fresh and brand new. Sure, waxes help protect against the elements but more often than not, it is a great idea to wash and polish and then wax fro ultimate protection.

Firstly you should wash your car thoroughly with a sponge, a chamois cloth, or a foam applicator pad. An excellent recommended car wash is X1 Wash & Gloss – this is a hybrid product, created with English and American technology

This is a high class vehicle shampoo that truly shines and protects. It has outstanding hydrophobic qualities water and once applied, water simply sheets off, meaning ultimate protection.
X1 Wash & Gloss is a highly advanced car shampoo, designed for the more serious car owner who really wants to cherish the look and longevity of their car. It simply expels water from all paint surface due to its nano tech hydrophobic design. This product has been designed with you in mind, understanding that your prime ambition is to maintain the quality of your automotive paintwork without the streaking effect that other shampoos out there give.

You then really have to completely dry the car thoroughly before taking the next step.

Then you have a choice; you can either use a cheaper car polish which takes off the very top layer of dead paintwork and after the polishing stage, apply a wax for protection or you can simply use the best car polish on the market that does the job of a car polish and car wax all in one.

These products, although classified as car polishes are truly the best car polishes on the market today. They take away the need to wax your car altogether as they do the incredible job of polishing and protecting (often called a car sealant) all in one go.

One such product is X1 Shine and Seal, which will not be found on the shelves in the shops anywhere at the time of writing.

This is known to be one of the best car polishes on the market today and there are a few dos and don’ts when using it.

It needs to be applied quite thinly and not left to dry completely. Once applied with a soft microfibre cloth, it needs to be wiped off completely and then buffered up with a  cloth to produce the incredible shine.

You can work in sections, maybe starting with the bonnet first, making sure the bonnet is completely finished before moving on to the next section.

Always use the polish in a rounded motion for the best results. You will be amazed at the results using this best car polish when the job is fully done.

Don’t think about getting your car polished, sealed and protected by the garage who will charge you a small fortune. Think of investing in X1 Shine and Seal which is one of the best car polishes on the market today.

You can seriously make your car look practically brand new and you will be the one being noticed on the road.