Best Car Polish – 6 Tips To Protecting Your Cars Paintwork

With so many car polishes on the market today, all claiming to protect your car’s paint work and keep it sealed and shiny, what on earth do you believe and how can you really work out what is the best car polish out there today. If your car is your pride and joy, you are seriously going to want to know the answer to this question – what really is the best car polish?

This article, we hope will shed some light on the various car polishes, car waxes and car paint protection systems out there today so you are not going in blind and making the wrong decisions.

1. Not all car polishes are the same – they all contain similar but different ingredients.

Most car polishes offer protection but some offer way better protection than others. A good indication these days is to check the level of PTFE in the polish – this really is a good indication as to the protective qualities and a concentration as high as 12% PTFE means that this type of polish can totally eliminate the need for any car wax and can protect your car up to a whole year. Its inert and slippery substance leaves a glossy and showroom shine too. X1 Shine and Seal is one such car polish.

2. It is much better to start as you mean to carry on – if you have neglected your car paintwork, it can be difficult to recuperate if too far don the line.

It is usually possible to re-cooperate your cars paintwork but when you see a lifeless and dull car that whose paintwork has worn with age and UV exposure, you may be struggling to restore to new. So, it pays to continually care for your car and use the best car polish out there to do so – it pays off in the end when you go to sell your car.

3. People always think that waxing your car is best but this may not always be the case at all as there are so many new technologies in the market place today so it is worth educating yourself a little.

Car wax, even though it leaves a great shine for short periods of time has its limitations in most instances. Wax melts and the car wax we use on our cars is no different. So what happens is, as the wax melts over time on the cars paintwork, it can become “sticky” and it is more likely then to trap particles of dirt and grime. By its very nature, car wax is not great at sitting and staying on a cars surface so maybe this is not the best solution for your car.

4. There are so many elements that can damage your paintwork including bird droppings, acid rain, salt from the road so if you want to keep the
value of your car, it is best to look after it form the word go.

It is pretty obvious that UV rays can damage a car paintwork over time but did you know that bird droppings are very acidic and can damage an unprotected car paintwork quite easily so again another great reason to seek out the best car polish today that can seal, protect and shine.

5. There are superior car polishes  out there in the market today that top car owners use on very expensive models.
Many car owners who own very expensive models are prepared to go that extra mile and get a car dealer to put the car through a paint protection process that can cost up to £350.  The ultimate result is that the car is protected for up to 3 years but it is still a very good idea for the car owner to use the best car polish to keep up the shine you see on the car from  day to day.

6. You do not have to pay a car dealer a huge amount of money to protect your cars paintwork – it can be a DIY job at home – you just need to know the best car polish to use and you are away! It is very possible by using the best car polish and sealant preferably with a high concentration of PTFE) and to undertake this process at home.

X1 Shine and Seal

X1 shine and seal car polish and paint protectionX1 Shine and Seal has great properties giving protection and a brilliant shine. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


Firstly, you will need to wash or even clay bar your car to ensure it is pristine clean before applying X1 Shine and Seal paint protection and polish. Then apply X1 Shine and Seal car polish using a microfibre and apply in small sections and then buff off before moving on to the next section.


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