The 3 Things That You Can Expect The Best Car Polish To Do

OK, so I take it that you are a car fanatic and your pride and joy is your car and you simply like to see it looks its absolute best at all times?

Well if that is the case I think it is important for you to know and understand the 3 things that you really should expect from the best car polish out there today. Well first of all, it can be a nightmare to even get your head around what is going to be the best car polish to give you the very best results so let’s get a few things straight.

Well a little bit of advice is to simply not to go for the cheapest car polish and sometimes it is a matter of test, test, test before you hit on a  car polish that hits your sweet spot!

So, just as a guideline, here is a list of 3 things that you expect out of the best polishes out there today (this is our opinion by the way after polishing an awful lot of cars in our time using all sorts of different products!)

Number One: The best car polish should contain a certain amount of PTFE content, preferably a high content in the double figures (10% and over) – PTFE is a Teflon like substance which was originally used on frying pans for its non stick qualities. Being present in some of the best car polishes these days, it simply provides a sealant and protectant which can last up to 12 months.

Most car polishes do not regard their job as to protect the paintwork but technology moves on and there are now car polishes out there today, very capable of protecting your paintwork for a very long time.

Number Two: The best car polish should be able to remove swirl marks from your paintwork. Don’t take this too literally – if your car paintwork is old and faded with a mass of swirl marks and this is down to pure neglect, you may struggle to get any polish to restore to new and get rid of those swirl marks. But, all things being reasonable, the best car polish should do a very good job of removing swirl marks.

Number Three:  The best car polish should leave a gleaming metallic shine that makes heads turn. After all, this is the real reason why we want to polish our cars – we all have that little bit of car ego inside where we stand back, after a good car polish and admire. This shine should not fade with a few days – it should last a good few weeks.

If we had to name a car polish make that fits the bill of all of the above factors, we  would simply have to be biased and tell you that X1 Shine and Seal is regarded as one of the best car polishes out there in the market today. You wont see it in the shops but you will find it on the internet.

So I hope this has shed some light as to what you should expect when you buy the best car polish.. good luck