What Ingredients Are Really In The Best Car Polish?

The number of car polishes on the shelves today (as well as being sold on the internet) and what they supposedly do for your car paintwork can be baffling and overwhelming so how can you really find and trust the best car polish out there today?

Well, if you are a car fanatic, you can start by understanding what is in car polish in the first place. Well, for those of you who are really technical and really want to get to the bottom of what really is the best car polish out there today, here is a list of all the basic ingredients that go into many polishes:
•    AQUA







So all polishes that contain these ingredients do a great job. To take it that one step further, in our opinion, after years of fanatically testing all the car polishes out there today, we firmly believe the best car polishes are the ones that contain PTFE and this stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene which is essentially the same name as Teflon.
This is a highly saturated fluorocarbon polymer and this was discovered by Roy Plunkett, who was a young researcher at DuPont Research Laboratories in Deepwater, New Jersey in 1938.

So what is so remarkable about car polishes that contain PTFE and why does it properties within make the best car polishes out there today?

Well the simple answer to this is the PTFE prevents attack from corrosive acids, even if they are hot acids. In addition to this,  PTFE does not dissolve in solvents and it can be cooled right down to -240°C without becoming brittle.

Not only this but we can also take it to the other extreme – it can also be heated to 260°C without impacting on its performance.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is extremely stable and is a nonflammable substance. In addition to all these wonderful properties, PTFE  is clean, dry and unoily .

PTFE is also a very slippery substance and has an extremely low static coefficient of friction and allows dirt and grime to literally fall off any surface it is applied to. The end result is that if there is a high percentage of PTFE in a car polish (12% is considered high), the car paintwork will be extremity well protected for a very long time from salts, dirt and corrosion and it will leave an incredible shine.

Many often say that if you use, what we regard to be the best car polish in the world, this is actually considered a replacement (and an excellent one!) to any car wax on the market today. In fact a far better one as it has excellent protective properties that protect for a very long time.

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