5 Litre Wash & Gloss

X1 Wash and Gloss car wash

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High Class Vehicle Shampoo – Cleans and Protects All In One

Product Description

High Class Vehicle Shampoo – Cleans and Protects All In One

This is a newly developed product which is a unique combination of American and British technology.  It is recommended to use this high grade, neutral based shampoo before the X1 Shine & Seal Protection systems as it not only provides the deep clean you need to remove all trace of contaminants, it also sets up the base on which to apply X1 Super Shine and Seal.

1)  Step 1 – Wash with X1 Wash and Gloss
2)   Step 2 – Fully clean, protect and polish with X1 Shine and Seal (optional)

This supreme product is now available to the general public not just car traders.

This is a high class vehicle shampoo that  shines and protects. It has great hydrophobic qualities water and once applied, water simply sheets off, meaning ultimate protection.

X1 Wash & Gloss is an advanced car shampoo, designed for the more serious car owner who really wants to cherish the look and longlevity of their car.

It simply expels water from all paint surface due to its nano tech hydrophobic design. This product has been designed with you in mind, understanding that your prime ambition is to maintain the quality of your automotive paintwork without the streaking effect that other shampoos out there give.

It is more suitable for:

Exteriors – Paintwork



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