5 Litre X1 Shine and Seal (6-12 Months)

X1 shine and seal car polish and car paint protection

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5 Litre X1 Shine and Seal (6 -12 months)

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Product Description

This one step X1 sealant contains a high percentage of PTFE (Poly Tetraflourethylene) that produces a showroom shine and has supeiror protection. The water beads off after use for long a long period of time.
Protect from UV, pollution, acid rain, bugs, salt, exhaust gases, and snow. VERY EASY TO EASY to do. Nearly waxes out there produce a shine for a few weeks, but as we know, wax always melts and when it does, it attracts dirt and grime and corrosive materials to our paintwork (exactly what it is supposed to keep away!) resulting in slow paint deterioration. Our paint protection system creates a solid hard film on the paint surface repelling all foreign materials such as dirt and grime.
This is one of the longest lasting car polish and sealant out there and creates a long lasting shine.
Creates an invisible shield across the paintwork so your car is protected from UV rays and the elements. This product halts the typical fading and oxidation of the paintwork, preventing your car looking old before its time.

This is down to the advanced nano products, developed by the European pioneers in this field, proving themselves over 15 years in the market place. Additionally, it is immune to ALL detergents, so even when you wash your car, the showroom shine will not fade.
This is down to the fact that this car polish and sealant contains uses advanced nanotech technology. On cars it helps massively to prevent dirt and grime sticking and helps protect against harsh weather. This ultra-durable barrier then prevents water, dirt and grime etc. from even touching your car’s surface because of the ultra-hydrophobic properties. Water will simply run off taking most of the dirt particles with it.
If you have recently purchased a car, you may well have been offered the highly recommended service to have the paintwork protected before you leave their showroom. The car salesman will tell you for a mere £350 to £450 extra, you can have all the paintwork protected and this sometimes will be backed by a 5 year guarantee. They may also tell you that this is almost a necessity as it will extend the life of your new ‘pride and joy’ significantly and retain its value.  YOU will naturally feel that after such an investment, spending that extra bit is a VERY sensible thing to do. PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED. They are only using a car polish and sealant such as this – based on new nano technology so you can easily save yourself £350 to £450 by APPLYING THIS YOURSELF. It is easy to do and requires no expertise whatsoever.



SENT FIRST CLASS. Free Trial – MONEY BACK IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH THE RESULTS – WE KNOW YOU WON’T BE. Just Let Us Know Within 30 Days of Receiving Your PTFE Car Polish

Protect and Shine your car paintwork for 12 Months with our ONE STEP Bottle System and get a metallic shine (as described above in text and photos)
All For Only £19.75 plus P&P (£22.70 in UK)

P.S. You Will Not Have To Wax Your Car Ever Again..
P.P.S. Free MicroFibre Cloth Worth £5.50 (approx $8.50)



Because we are very confident that you will love these car polish products, we are happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not completely happy with the results you see after using either product, we will give you ALL your money back. Simply return the used goods back to us within 30 days of receiving them and we will give you an immediate refund.


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