X1 Cara Finesse Caravan Shine and Seal (3 in 1 Polish) – 500 ml

X1 CaraFinesse caravan polish sealant caravan protection

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X1 CaraFinesse caravan polish sealant caravan protectionx1 caravan polish and sealantx1 caravan polish and sealant



A Premium PTFE Caravan/Motorhome Polish Sealant That Protects For 3 Seasons, Removes Black Streaks Effortlessly and  Produces A Great Shine – Your Caravan is so much easier to clean after use

 This highly advanced PTFE acrylic polish and sealant is the best in the market place at protecting the outer skin of your caravan throughout the year from mould, mildew and corrosive materials and removes black streaks with one easy swipe. It really restores your caravan with that ‘as new’ look and produces a great shine.

Product Description

A PTFE Caravan/Motorhome Polish Sealant That Protects For 3 Seasons, Removes Black Streaks Effortlessly and  Produces A Great Shine (That’s What Our Clients Say!)

A 500 ml bottle will amply cover one caravan.


Free 40cm by 40cm Microfibre  With Every Order Today (Total Value £3.50)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee Promise


Unrivalled Showroom Shine – X1 Cara Finesse contains the premium substance PTFE (polytetraflourethylene) and this premium substance has simply remarkable properties (taken from the BBC). X1 Cara Finesse is based on this Advanced PTFE Nanotech technology with superior Acryloplexins meaning ultimate shine and protection AND black streaks are seriously removed like magic.

No other caravan/motorhome polish comes close..

You Will Not Have To Wax Your Caravan/Motorhome For a  VERY Long Time.

Thanks to this new innovative No Stick PTFE Polisher/Sealant, you will not have to wax your caravan for a long time. This new technology blows all the other caravan wax, caravan polish and caravan sealants right out of the window for durability and shine.

This is, guaranteed, the longest lasting sealant ever to be produced anywhere that we know of and there is no other product in the caravan market like it…

Now Available To The General Public Not Just  Traders

As for the shine it produces, well, it is unbelievable. This PTFE Caravan Polish Sealant keeps caravan/motorhomes looking gleaming for a very long time (better than any  wax) and really does restore older paintwork on older caravan/motorhomes to a tip top condition. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself on this free trial (ie. if you are at all unhappy, you get your money back in 30 days).

Beautiful Beading Off Meaning Ultimate Protection – Technology Proven In AeroSpace Industry guaranteed to protect your caravan/motorhome paintwork for up to 3 seasons and produce a showroom shine for way longer than other available polishes and waxes.

HOW DOES IT WORK? This highly durable product  creates an invisible shield across the paintwork/panels so your caravan/motorhome is protected from UV rays and all the elements such as bird lime, road salts, road grime and wear and tear. This is where it wins out over ANY other caravan/motorhome wax.  This product halts the typical fading and oxidation of the paintwork, preventing your caravan/motorhome looking old before its time.

This is down to the advanced nano products, developed by the European pioneers in this field, proving themselves over 15 years in the market place. There may be other PTFE products out there but none (at the time of writing) can offer anywhere near this durability statement. Additionally, it is immune to ALL detergents, so even when you wash your caravan, the shine will not fade.

Your caravan/motorhome Will Still Look Like New After Using this Product and Stay That Way For A Long Time

This is down to the fact that this caravan/motorhome wax/sealant this teflon like substance PTFE (the non stick stuff on the bottom of frying pans). On caravans/motohomes, it helps prevents dirt and grime sticking and helps protect against harsh weather. This ultra-durable barrier then prevents water, dirt and grime etc. from even touching your caravan/motorhome’s surface because of the ultra-hydrophobic property of PTFE. Water will simply run off taking most of the dirt particles with it. Water will bead off beautifully for a long time.

AND NO MORE UNSIGHTLY BLACK STREAKS. . SO IN A NUTSHELL: 1) Your motorhome/caravan protection of car paintwork from UV rays 2) Your motorhome/caravan will be Protected  From All The Corrosive Elements – our 3 season X1 Cara Finesse will protect your caravan/ motorhome against UV, pollution, acid rain (sulphuric and nitric acid), bugs, salt, exhaust gases, and snow. This is where it wins out over ANY other bike wax or bike polish.

3) SO Much Easier To Clean After Using – you will find your caravan is so much easier to clean whenever it gets mucky. When washing, you will find the dirt and stubborn marks just come off so much more easily saving you time and effort. X1 Cara Finesse has also been known to really revitalise paintwork too.

4) No More Black Streaks – easy to remove with one easy wipe.. If you feel we are wrong, we guarantee to refund your money..


Includes X1 Cara Finesse (500 ml) and a free 40 cm by 40 cm professional microfibre (worth £3.50). Full instructions & a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Because we are very confident that you will love this product, we are happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not completely happy with the results you see after using the product, we will give you ALL your money back. Simply return the used goods back to us within 30 days of receiving them and we will give you an immediate refund.  We have 100% feedback as a seller hence will stick to our word.


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