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X1 car care products - Deep Restore for paintwork

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X1 Paint Restore Package is a 2 step highly effective process (2 250 ml bottles) designed to remove scratch marks/swirl marks and restore tired, faded paintwork.

Product Description

X1 Paint Restore Package is the ultimate solution when it comes to removing scratch marks/swirl marks and restoring your tired, faded paintwork whether it is old and need of TLC or oxidised rapidly due to a lack of paint protection over the years.

X1 Deep Restore Step 1 is the first of the products to be used on your paintwork. This is an ultimate cutting compound that is designed to remove scratches and blemishes easily as well as being the first step in restoring your faded paintwork. It is a powerful, fine selection of lubricating and cutting compounds, designed specifically to remove the dead skin of paintwork and begin the restoration process.

X1 Deep Restore Step 2 is a paint restoring compound designed to be used on all sorts of paintwork with ease. Being the easiest colour restorer in the market place and being Ammonia and Silicone free, it is highly effective as well as extremely environmentally friendly. After using X1 Deep Restore Step 2, you will find your paintwork restored to a gleaming shine and completely revitalised. It is used in professional car body shops. You can use it either with a buffing machine or by hand.

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