How To Treat Your Microfibres


microfibres for car polishing and waxingTreat ’em mean – keep em keen – this doesn’t quite apply with microfibres! When it comes to car care, you can never have enough microfibre cloths in your possession and you need to know how to treat them – with a bit of TLC. You need them for almost everything – cleaning, polishing, waxing and drying. Many car owners simply throw them away when they are spent but you can clean and care for them and reuse them quite easily.

We have listed here some all important tips to look after your microfibres to keep them in tip top condition for you.
OK here goes..

You may think that when you use a fabric conditioner, this makes your microfibres nice and soft and great for your car care. In fact, the opposite is true; the conditioner infiltrates the pores of the microfibres and has a massive reduction on their effectiveness. Also think about adding a drop of vinegar with your washing detergent as this helps get rid of any oils that you may have picked up along the way.

When it comes to drying your microfibres, either air dry or use a low heat in the tumble drier. If you use a high heat, you run the risk of melting the polyesters and polyamides and these then harden when they cool again. Then after they have hardened, you run the risk of rubbing then over your cars surface and scratching your car paintwork.

It is best really to wash them on their own as it is very easy for microfibres to pick up all sorts of bits of wool and other substances and this can only lead to problems.

If you drop your microfibre on dirty ground, it really is as good as dead as you can guarantee that it has picked up grit and all sorts which is SO hard to get out. So, instead of saving a few pennies and reusing it, get rid of it. It is too much heartache to see your fine and glossy car paintwork scratched at the end of the day, especially after you have meticulously polished your car.

Quite often, brand new cloths contain a certain amount of lint that is present because of the manufacturing process. It can be a good idea to wash the cloths first to get rid of all lint first.

Do not leave your microfibres around in damp conditions or left all mucky and wet to fester. Wash and dry them as described above as quickly as you can. This helps prevent the growth of smelly bacteria. If it is not possible to get to them immediately, leave them in a bucket of cold water with a drop of vinegar.

Lastly when it comes to storing your microfibres, keep them in a dust free environment away from other substances and cloths – it is very easy for microfibres to attract dust and dirt and the last thing we want to do is to attract dirt before polishing your car.

By following the tips above, you will find your microfibres last a lot longer but please throw away when they start to look jaded..


All the best


X1 eXtreme Car Care Team…