Paint Protection and The Car Dealers

Car Owners Getting Wise To Paint Protection and Car Dealers Fees


With cars having water based rather than solvent based paints these days, it makes the outer skin more susceptible to the elements, making the paintwork not as robust than before. So, it is more important these days to protect the paintwork of your car and with so many brands out there today, it can be very confusing as to which one to choose. Be careful of which paint protection to opt for.


Car dealers often deal with brand names such as SupaGard, Diamondbrite, GardX, LifeShine, G3, 3M Paint Protection and this is sold as at a hefty price of up to £400.


The car dealer needs to make money and they then employ a valeter to undertake the work so they need also need to take their cut. And then of course, there is the supplier of the paint protection products themselves. So, there are 3 parties taking a cut out this paint protection.


X1 Shine and Seal have got a paint protection system that has been reviewed by National magazines and the reviews are good. This treatment comes in at a fraction of the cost of the car dealers and  the Guarantees and performance has had rave reviews. The difference is that we eliminate the car dealers cut of the profits. See reviews HERE   X1 Shine and Seal is based on advanced nano –technology and the product contains approximately 12% PolyTetraFluorEthylene (PTFE). This can be likened to Teflon with non stick properties.


The mobile valeters come to treat the car owners car with paint protection and the treatment takes approximately 1 and ½ hours. After treatment, the car owners will then need to register their Guarantee online and they will also get their Aftercare pack.


The treatment can take at your home or place of work.


X1 Shine and Seal

x1 shine and seal paint protection car polish
One such polish is X1 Shine and Seal 5 Year Paint Protection – a new product enhanced in 2012 that has incredible properties of achieving the protection and shine all in one hit and it is simply superb on any colour of car. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Based on a 2 Step process; Step 1 being the cleaning compound and keying agent (it is like applying a negative charge to your car) and then Step 2 is the sealant (it is like applying a positive charge to your car) which then forms a durable seal on your paintwork.



X1 Shine and Seal 5 Year comes highly recommended as the one of the best car sealants out there today as it has some extra special ingredients including PTFE (12%). We have had raving testimonials about this products and you can see them all right HERE

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