Premium Waxes and Polishes

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    X1 Wash & Gloss

    High class vehicle shampoo (NEW!!!) that is simply a dream to use, cleans and protects all in one (500 ml) This product is designed for the top class, serious car owner like you and is the pretreatment step prior to using X1 Super Shine & Seal protectant and polish sealant.

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    X1 Shine & Seal (1 Yr Protection)

    X1 Car Polish and Sealant (12% PTFE Content) That Produces A Showroom Metallic Shine, Protects Your Paintwork For up to 12 Months and So Easy To Apply

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    X1 Polish & Guard

    Our X1 Waterless car wash/polish guard (500 ml) has been developed with several uses in mind. Firstly, it is always used as a cleaner and buff up polisher after using X1 Shine & Seal (1 Year Protection & 3-5 Year protection) and secondly it is great to use when water is scarce.

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    X1 Winter Wax Extreme

    A premium car wax that protects your car paintwork against salt, frost and snow and general road grime hence is a great winter car wax.

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    X1 Pananche Wax

    IF YOU HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE USE AT CHECKOUT This supreme hand polish gives the very best protection during both Winter months and Summer months. This product can be very much likened to X1 Shine and Seal (500ml) 12 month protection but X1 Panache Wax contains less protecting PTFE (PolyTetraFluorethylene - Teflon based substance) but has the addition of fine Brazilian waxes. It produces a head turning shine and protects against salt, frost, snow, UV and general winter road grime. If you are passionate about your waxes, then this is the product for you.