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How Bird Droppings Can Damage Your Car and How To Protect Paintwork Against It

Many car enthusiasts we know spent relentless hours using the best car polish or the best car wax on the market, only to then neglect the dreaded bird poo to tarnish their treasure. It is so important for paint protection to seal your car paintwork.

No matter how much car polish or car wax you use, the longer the deposit remains on your bodywork, however, and the higher the temperatures, the harder the dried deposit will be, and the greater the propensity for the paint lacquer to mould to it as it cools.

There has always been the debate of the real reason that bird lime causes havoc with your cars paintwork. Some believe because it contains uric acid (the same chemical composition as Ammonia), it will almost melt and ruin your cars paintwork in no time. It simply leaves unsightly marks on your car, which is devastating to most car owners. Prevention is better than any cure….


How Does Bird Lime Really Damage Your Car Paintwork?

However, is this the real cause of bird lime damaging your paintwork? Another train of thought is that the real damage is caused by cooling paintwork underneath which hardens and contracts around the bird lime. To explain it more fully, when the sun beats down on your car paintwork, the paintwork warms up, softens and expands a little. If there is a bird dropping on your car, the heat will also dry and harden this as well. Eventually, nighttime falls and your car paintwork will cool again and the paint lacquer cools contracts, hardens and moulds itself around the bird dropping.

Afterwards, this then appears as dulled paintwork as the light is not perfectly reflected off this damaged area of the cars painted surface.

Following the same train of thought, devastation sets in when the bird dropping is left for longer than necessary. As temperatures rise and fall in the subsequent days after the bird dropping first landed, the harder the deposit becomes and the greater the contraction and moulding of the paintwork underneath, causing further damage and a more marked unsightly patch.


The Best Thing To Do To Protect Your Car Paintwork

The best answer is to remove it as soon as you possibly can by a moist microfibre. If it is hard and caked on, it is best to leave the microfibre sitting on top of the bird lime dropping until it softens underneath. Great care should be taken as there are lots of nasties inside bird droppings (ie which can cause disease so washing hands thoroughly afterwards is essential!)

Another thing we can take away from this is to avoid parking where droppings are more prevalent and an obvious place is under trees – if you have a nice car and you cherish your car, don’t park under trees or where seagulls are on mass….!!


Of course, to help against the nasties of bird lime, we do have our X1 Shine & Seal Paint Protection system HERE – and of course many of you are our customers and have already used it!