How To Remove Bird Droppings From Your Paint Protection

How To Remove Bird Dropping From Your Paint Protection

We all know how detrimental bird droppings are to our car paintwork (it does contain uric acid after all!) and the long and the short of it is to remove these bird droppings as soon as you possibly can..You want to protect your car paintwork as much as you can as it is a very expensive process if your paintwork get damaged and can affect the resale value for a car big time. It does not matter if you use the best car wax or car polish in the world, there is no substituting caution and care when it comes to bird lime.


What To Do To Get the Bird Lime Off Quick As You Can – Paint Protection

If it has caked on, it is best to soak a microfibre with water and let it sit on top of the bird dropping for about 10 minutes to loosen and soften it and then carefully enclose the wet-microfibre around the bird dropping and  LIFT the bird dropping off the paint, trying hard to avoid rubbing it over other areas of your paintwork.

You can also buy a cleaning fluid that is dedicated to removing bird line off cars; these are made up of natural ingredients which will not damage the cars paintwork

Bird droppings can contain grit so the last ting you want to do is to scratch your paintwork by smearing it over your car.

Don’t simply swipe the bird dropping all over your paintwork to get it off. You can even buy bird dropping wipes from online or retail shops.

Then, after you remove it, you can rub a coat of good car wax or car sealant onto this area to shine and protect the area once again.


What To Do If Then Bird Lime Has Damaged Your Car Paintwork

If you notice any damage or etching in the car paint left by the bird lime, there is little use using a car polish or car wax at this stage. What you’ll need is a compound, paint cleaner or swirl mark remover and either by hand or by machine, you will need to carefully remove the etching. After this, you can the use the best car polish you like to use as well as your best wax or car sealant.