How To Maintain Your Car Paintwork Protection – The Full Story..

Ok, so you have had your paintwork protected (whether you have done this yourself or got a valeter or detailer to do this for you). Well the good news is that you can rest assured that you have done the right thing in this day and age as most car paintwork these days are water based and more prone to the elements –  you have protected your asset and ensured you keep its value if you ever want to sell.

But, like with anything, you can’t now just walk away and expect the protective layer to do it’s job without ANY Tender Loving Care..Paint Protection does not last without some care – you need to maintain the seal.

If you let your car sit with bird lime and tree sap all over it for weeks on end and then you drive it through a muddy bog and let the cakes of dirt sit on your car for weeks on end, well, the bad news is, it doesn’t matter how good your protective coating is, corrosive materials will ultimately break through. So, with a  bit of Tender Loving Care, this can be easily avoided.

Whatever paint protection system you have used (ours or another – there are a few golden rules.

1) Wash the muck and dirt off regularly with a high grade neutral based shampoo

2) Don’t out your car through big roller car washes – no paint protection system can withstand the abrasiveness of the rotary brushes!!

3) Even though difficult try to adhere as much as possible to the paint protection suppliers guidelines – whether this be using conservors on a monthly basis or returning your vehicle to the car dealer for a yearly check over. You may argue that if it states 5 year protection why do you need to use special preservers every month to top up the protection?  Most car owners I know find it hard to stick to some of the car paint protection providers stipulations to have their paintwork checked by a car dealer every year at a price as well.  In the real world, it is sometimes hard enough to remember when your tax and MOT is up, let alone when to get your paintwork checked over to see if the protective coating is still there so you need to be aware that nine times out of ten, your Guarantee will not hold. There will be some loophole for your Guarantee to not be valid anymore.

4) Get the birdlime off as quick as you can..this is fatal to your beautiful finish.


Below is Only For Those Of You Who Have Used The X1 Shine and Seal paint protection system –  a bit of reassuring advice

If you have bought our X1 Shine and Seal paint protection, this is a reminder of what you should be doing to protect your paintwork and before you think it, it does not involve monthly conservors or yearly check ups – we are not as unpractical as that…BUT we do have some guidelines and this is essentially using X1 wash and guard products to keep your car clean after the treatment – they are part of the same family and help preserve the coating.

I am now going to answer some questions many of our clients have had on keeping up the protection with X1 Shine and Seal and hopefully, all will become clear


Before Applying X1 Shine & Seal Systems

It is always recommended to use a deep wash shampoo product to remove all contaminants from your paintwork prior to sealing your paintwork with X1 Shine and Seal (12 month OR 3-5 Year protection).

X1 Wash & Gloss is a deep wash shampoo, having the ability to lift engrained dirt particles from your car paintwork pores, ensuring a pristine, contaminant free surface on which to apply X1 Shine and Seal.

X1 Wash & Gloss has been designed to work with and compliment the superb protective properties of X1 Shine and Seal and best results are obtained from using X1 Wash & Gloss first.

Dilute X1 Wash & Gloss with clean water (as per instructions on bottle) and using a soft microfiber, apply the deep wash in sections over your car and rub away all grime and dirt in circular motions, finally rinsing with an open hose.


After Applying X1 Shine and Seal Systems X1 shine and seal 5 year paint protection systemOnce your paintwork has been protected with either X1 Shine & Seal (12 months protection OR X1 Shine & Seal (3-5 Year Protection), it is then necessary to maintain your protection by the following steps.

When your car becomes excessively dirty, follow these steps:

1)     Wash your car down with deep wash X1 Wash & Gloss (compliments the protecting properties of X1 Shine and Seal)

2)     Rebuff up the paintwork with X1 Polish and Guard. X1 Polish and Guard will give your protected paintwork longer lasting results and is so easy to use. Simply, spray on and wipe off and your car will continue to have its paintwork protected and look shiny and brand new once again.

When your car becomes only slightly dirty, follow these steps:

1)     Simply use X1 Waterless Wash Polish. X1 Waterless Wash Polish will give your protected paintwork longer lasting results and is so easy to use. Simply, spray on and wipe off and your car will continue to have its paintwork protected and look shiny and brand new once again.


If You Have Used X1 Shine and Seal (12 Months Protection) and Want To Upgrade To X1 Shine and Seal (5 Years Protection)

If you have used X1 Shine & Seal (1 Year Protection), it is perfectly OK to subsequently upgrade to X1 Shine & Seal  5 Year Protection) if you want to upgrade your car paintwork protection. After washing your car, you will see the water bead off easily and this means that the protective work of X1 Shine & Seal is at play. Obviously this beading effect lasts longer with the 5 year system than the 1 year system.