Nine Essential Tips To Keeping Your Car Pristine

Nine Essential Tips To Keeping Your Car Pristine

1. Don’t Opt For Washing Your car with a Sponge – if you read our last email, you will have heard all about the nasties of washing your car with a sponge and why you should slap yourself on the wrist every time you reach for the sponge…use a soft pile microfiber..

2. When washing your car, make sure that you do not use the dirty water to rinse your car off – you know the water that you have just used to wash your car . This sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it? But you would be surprised how many chuck the dirty water back over to rinse off. For a start, you have all the grime and grit in there that you are ploying straight back onto your car paintwork  and you can so easily cause scratch marks. So, make sure you use clean, fresh water to rinse off..

x1 shine and seal3. Always use top quality, selected car shampoos and washes to wash your car. These are carefully formulated to work on car paint and retain the protective waxes or polishes you have already applied to your car paintwork.  They are designed to not cause scratches or abrasion as well as preventing any stripping of the protective polishes or waxes you have already applied. If you opt to use household detergents such as dare I say it, Fairy liquid – these are designed for dishes and heavy grease etc. Household detergents are WAY too hard for your car paintwork and will cause long term damage to your car paintwork.

4 Consider using a grit guard in your bucket – these are designed to fit most buckets and simply sits in the bottom your bucket. What does it do I can hear you asking? Well, it allows al the dirt, grime and grit to fall down to the bottom of the bucket and at the same time, it prevents your hand reaching the bottom of the bucket and causing you to stir up the grit so that you pick all this grit back up and it ends up straight back onto your car.

5 It is always considered best to clean your tyres and alloys and wheels  first – these get the dirtiest. Then, start afresh on your car bodywork with clean water afterwards. Use a completely separate mitt, brush or microfibre for your paintwork. You do not want to end up with brake dust from your alloys back on your paintwork as this can cause havoc!!
6. If you have access to a hose connection, you can get a hose connection which simply fits on the end of your hose and mixes the shampoo and the water for you in the right quantities – very ingenious and cheap and they are called a SUPERSPRAY.

7. Wash and dry you car in the shade if possible. Often, if you let your car dry too quickly in direct sunlight, it can cause spots to occur on your paintwork.

8. When washing, start at the top and work downwards on the car, almost pulling the dirt down with you as you move. Use more straight line motions rather than circular motions and work in sections.

9. If you have a hose connection, rinse your car off with this afterwards. Don’t set it on spray mode – just allow the water to pour out – this will be way more effective at removing any remaining dirt and will allow the water to just sheet off.
All these tips really help avoid swirling on your paintwork. If you already have swirl marks or discolouration on your paintwork, you need to take further action which we will be covering on a future day.


All the best


The X1 eXtreme Car Care Team