Different Types Of Car Paintwork and What Car Polish To Use

There are new cars and not so new cars and you will find that there are essentially 3 different types of car paint systems out there today and this article is an attempt to explain what they are and their differences. Many car owners worry when it comes to using car polish on their paintwork (especially if they own a high value classic car) and they can tend to stick to what they know and like. But, in most cases, many of the better brands of car care products are suited all types of paintwork.

X1 car respraySo here we have the 3 different types of cars paintwork:

Nitro-cellulose paint

This is an older type of paintwork that is generally not used any more by the car manufacturers as they have switched over to water based paints but is still very common as we have numerous older cars still around on our roads today.

It is easy to use and hard wearing but care needs to be taken when applying it as it is toxic, hence all the right breathing apparatus needs to be used.

Once applied, it is then necessary to polished to produce a shine as the shine does not just appear  – it needs to be worked at.

Fair to say that spray body shops still use this type of paint due to the fact that it is hardwearing and is quite cheap.

You may be asking the question “how is Nitro-cellulose paint applied?”. Well, as you expect, it is normally applied with a spray gin but having said that, it can be applied with a brush.

It can take some effort to apply this paint due to that fact that after it has dried, it takes some buffing up with a best car polish to get the shine.

Two-Pack Paint

This older type of paint, known as two-pack paint, was used in the 1970s and is VERY hardwearing and durable. After being sprayed on with a gun, it required little buffing up as the shine is there straight after spraying hence so easy to use.

However, however said that, after you have applied the two-pack paint, you then need to apply a hardener.

Because this paint is so toxic and can cause harm to an inexperienced car owner, it is always used by professionals who know what they are doing when it comes to Health and Safety!


Water Based Paint

Nearly all manufacturers now have switched to these water based paints , for as the name suggests, they are safer and way more environmentally friendly. But, they are not all that easy to use hence again it is best to leave it to the professionals in the industry.

After the paintwork has been applied with a spray gun, it then needs a two-pack lacquer application to protect the paintwork underneath.

So as you can see with all the options above, they are all quiet labour intensive in their own right. Most good, high quality brands of car polish are designed to produce good results on all types of paintwork however.


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