What Are Your Options For Paint Protection?

Let´s just imagine you have bought a new car (or a nice second hand one) and you really want to make sure that you offer it the best paint protection for the paintwork right from the start. Well, it can be very daunting as the choice of paint protection systems out there can be quite daunting..

car paint protection showing beading off

You will often be asked by the car dealer if you want to pay them a hefty sum for paint protection and you will come across Supagard, Gardx, Diamondbrite amongst them. You will get a 5 year or a lifetime Guarantee but this is, more often than not, only valid if you apply monthly conservors and return your car to the car dealer every year for inspection and lets face it, it is a numbers game to them. Nearly every car owner wont keep up applying the monthly conservors (and it is monitored on how much you buy) and certainly wont return their car dealer every year for a car paintwork inspection (and get charged for it). In fact, most Guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on.


So, what are the other options? Well you can get DIY kits and our X1 Shine and Seal is of course, a DIY easy to use paint protection system. If you apply it yourself, you do not get a Guarantee but if you get one of our Approved valeters to apply it for you, you do get our Guarantee and we do not stipulate that you use monthly conservors and return the vehicle to the valeter every year as we know this is unpractical.


But this article is not about car dealers paint protection systems as much as it is not about X1 Shine and Seal DIY paint protections system. This article is about the film protection that can be placed on cars and is designed to uncover some of the mystery surrounding it.


There are 3 different types of film protection on the market today and these can be broken down into:

Non Clear Coated

2 Ply Clear Coted

Premium Extra Clarity

X1 eXtreme Car Care do not offer film paint protection but if that is what you are looking for, we are happy to help. We have provided a list of providers that DO offer this service – there may be others on the market though so it is always best to do your own research.

Value Films

Ventureshield Standard Film AND Ultra and Avery Clear Coat.

Xpel Value,

Avery Non Clearcoat.

3M Non Clearcoat (Not available in Europe),

2 PLY, Xpel Standard,

3M Scotch guard,

Bekaert Clearshield


You can get plastic backing (Premium Film) as well as paper backing film protection systems and suffice is to say, the plastic backing systems are a lot pricier than than the paper backed films – the paper backed films can have an “orange peel effect”.

In Costing terms, typically “2 Ply Films” are more expensive than “Value Films” and “Premium Films” are more expensive than regular “2 Ply Films”.

Hope this helps a little!!

All the best



The X1 eXtreme Car Care Team