The Best Way To Dry Your Car After Applying the best car polish

The annoying thing is that you can go to the trouble of applying the best car polish or car wax only to find that when you wash it once afterwards and allow your car to dry, you get nasty swirl marks appearing and you wonder why on earth you bothered polishing or waxing your car in the first place.

This article is to help you avoid those common problems of having all those swirl marks appearing once you have gone to the trouble of routing out the best car polish or wax on the market today.

The whole secret lies in removing the water as quickly as possible and do not allow your car to dry on its own. There are loads of ways of going about this and here are just a few great ideas:

1) After you clean your car and wash all the detergent off, a great idea is to sheet water across your car – this removes beads of water that just  “sit” there and potentially will cause the unsightly marks when the car is dry.

This sheeting will certainly allow your drying cloth to go further without being sponged with water from the word go.

To sheet the water across your car, you will need to use your hose with a completely open end and then allow the water to run out freely across your car paintwork.  After you have completed this, you can remove the other remaining water in various ways:

1) You can use a Chamois Leather and these in the past have been “the thing” to use when it comes to getting excess water off your car.

They are great absorbents, gentle on your paintwork and very long lasting but be aware that the pile on the chamois is thin and if you get any dirt trapped during the drying process, this can cause fine swirling as entrapped dirt particles can scratch the car.

2) You can use blowers and driers, which can blow hot and cold air over your car at as much at as much as 200 mph and these vehicle driers are excellent at achieving a superb stain free result. You may not wish to go to the extreme of buying a drier though but be aware that they can be picked up very cheap second hand.

3) You can use a flexible silicon tool called a Flexi Blade – this flexible tool follows all the contours of your car and can really swipe any excess water off leaving again a stunning result. Don’t go for cheapest make though  as they simply have a flat blade version – go for one with a single or double T shape at the end on the blade as these work way better.

4) Microfiber Cloths are in our opinion, the best  products on the market for drying your car with the optimum results. The reasons are simple: they have super absorbing properties because of the nature of the fibres; each microfiber splits into 8 or more triangular fibres resulting in incredible results – they can pick up not only more dirt left on your car but also all the water without being “soaked” quickly.

Again choose your microfiber cloth wisely as there is a lot of choice out there in the market today – you essentially get cheap ones and you get not so cheap ones, some come with a soft pile and some come with a waffle weave. The main thing to say is avoid the ones with the smooth finish as they are not really suited to paintwork.

We hope this has helped somewhat in choosing the right drying method for you car for after all, it does not make sense to use the best car polish or best car wax on the market today, only to allow your car to dry and leave you a load of swirl marks to contend with.